One Day Business Executive Refresher Course

JMSA offers a one day, action packed, executive refresher course on the top six fundamentals of business. Useful, practical and recently discovered insights into business as taught at the Harvard Business School. A power packed course that might reorient you and your business toward higher profits in these tough times. Six hours of FOCUSED discussion of the six fundamentals of business as they apply to YOUR business. Two hours of intense discussion and debate on the application of these fundamentals to your business. The course is laced with humor. Better learning occurs when we can see the humor in the serious side of business.

  1. Fundamental #1:The ICON diagram of business. Insight that answers the question “What is Business Anyway”? What does this mean to helping my business survive in the face of fierce competition? Absolutely essential visual tool for small business survival and practical marketing and management insight.
  2. Fundamental #2:Pricing for PROFIT. What is the profitable pricing zone? What to do when your products and services are outside the profit zone? What happened to FEDX that nearly sank the company An essential software tool for not losing control of profits. An essential tool for not losing profits to fraud.
  3. Fundamental #3:Practical Business Sensitivity Analysis. What to do when business is slipping for no known reason. How to gain control again? An essential quantitative tool for handling real, complex small businesses. Answers the question, should I attract more customers or concentrate on improving my product or service.
  4. Fundamental #4:What is the role of the business owner really? How do you even think about this seemingly obvious question? But studies of business failure show conclusively that the answer to this question can determine the ultimate success or failure of a business.
  5. Fundamental #5:Management Root Cause analysis. What to do when business goes seriously wrong and its managements fault. How to even attack such a problem. How did NASA tackle this problem and find new answers.
  6. Fundamental #6:A business caution and warning system for you. How much information does it take to turn on a “Check Engine” warning in your car? Not much... only a few critical sensors. The same is true of a business caution and warning system for your business. This tutoring service includes the development of YOUR PERSONAL business C&W system. Bring your laptop to our meeting.
Price is $5000. Satisfaction is guaranteed. No value, no cost.