JMSA Telecom Seminars

BACKGROUND: In 1980, Mr. Smith, the proprietor of JMSA, was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of fame. For seven years he managed the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Program for NASA. That experience taught him a valuable lesson. Applications from advanced technologies can produce high profits at low cost. JMSA is now focused on advancing the state of the art in certain business and engineering disciplines that leverage great profits.

TELECOM SEMINARS: Telecom (Telecommunications Video and Audio Conferencing) Seminars are a convenient way for executives to stay current with the latest developments and advances in profit leveraging technologies for Business and Engineering. Use these technologies in your ongoing work to improve productivity, reduce cost, increase revenue, and thus, your profits. Use these technologies in your next proposals to help win new business. Be current in technology and many benefits will flow to your firm. Taught, by Mr. Smith or the person involved in the development of the technology developed for the seminar. All seminars are fixed price seminars. The prices are $1,000.00 for a telecom seminar and $5,000.00 for an in-house seminar. The fee includes seminar course materials on CD's. The CD's are sent in advance of the seminar for participant preparation.

Business Seminars
  • Defensive Pricing
  • Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Businesses
  • The Laws of Business with Applications to Small Businesses
  • Detecting Fraud and Theft in Businesses
  • Business Applications of Modern Internet Technologies
Internet Technology Seminars
  • Engineering Applications of Modern Internet Technologies
Engineering Technology Seminars
  • Nonlinear Control Systems Simulations
  • Fast Algorithms for Real-Time Simulation and Controls
  • T-Integration for Fast Numerical Integration and its Applications
Custom Technology Seminars
  • You Name the Technology, We Find the Source and Bring it to You

IN-HOUSE SEMINARS: In-house JMSA Seminars are one day seminars. These seminars will be held at your location and convenience. Up to 20 attendees may attend the seminar at no extra cost. Additional people may attend the seminar. The fee for attendance and course materials is $100 per person.

HELPFUL HINT: Usually, the funding for JMSA seminars will not come out of program or project funds. The funds are provided by the training office in your firm. Many companies that are on the cutting edge of technology maintain a tax deductible fund for continuing education of their employees. It is appropriate that the funds for your seminar come from that funded activity.

PRIVATE TUTORING: Private tutoring for executives of a firm can available. These sessions are usually intense and focused on specific problems requiring the discretion and confidential treatment of information and data. Under there circumstances, JMSA signs a nondisclosure instrument and work with information at the firm. Under these circumstances no data or information is moved from the firm to JMSA by any means. Typically the cost for Executive Tutoring is $1,000 per day.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE: Tutoring and Executive Education is Tax Deductible.

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JMSA Experience
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