Succeed in Business by Detecting and Correcting Theft and Fraud

Theft of profits in a business is, unfortunately, everywhere. Recent developments in business systems analysis have found a low cost way to detect fraud and theft in businesses. Follow the directions below and determine if JMSA's caution and warning system detects the possibility of fraud.
first warning
Ask yourself the following six questions.
  1. What is the average price of the product or service you charge your customers? In a retail business this would be called the retail price of the product.
  2. What is the average cost of each product or service you provide to your customers? In a retail business this would be called the wholesale cost of the product. In our work will call this the Variable-Cost. It varies depending only on how many products are sold.
  3. On the average, what are your monthly bills for selling and operating the business, including salaried labor, independent of whether you sell anything or not. In retail this is called the cost of selling. In our work we will call it the Fixed-Cost. The fixed costs are the fixed monthly cost of doing business.
  4. In an average year, what is the Number of Sales you would expect to make?
  5. What is the Maximum Price that YOU would ever pay for your service, if you were really desperate?
  6. What is the Maximum Number of Sales being made by you and all your competitors each year?

The JMSA Potential Fraud Calculator

Estimate the average price of each sale (Example $100): $
Estimate your variable cost per sale [labor, mtls, losses etc.] (Example $75): $
Estimate your TOTAL monthly bills (Example $10,000): $
Estimate your forecast annual sales (Example 5,000):
Estimate the maximum marketable price (Example $200): $
Estimate the maximum possible sales in your market (Example 10,000):

Fraud Detection
Potential Profit $
Fraud Assesment

This assessment of possible fraud is made possible by a new caution and warning technology that is like your automobile caution and warning system. For example, your cars caution and warning system uses a similar six parameter input to decide if the driver should get a yellow "Check Engine" light turned on.

If this business C&W system indicates a loss of profit that is significant in your business, it will be important to follow-up with a call or e-mail to JMSA. Based on the results of the call you may want to employ one of JMSA´s consultants to help you pin down the source of the problem or to teach your accounting firm how to do the C&W assessment yourself.