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JMSA Consulting is a firm's whose mission is to foster and encourage the development of commercial space programs and projects. JMSA is led by Mike Smith. His experience includes participating in the start-up and development of five major aerospace programs.

About JMSA

Currently JMSA serves as a FG&C Subject Matter Expert for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation System program.

Mike's expertise and experience is based on forty years of contributions to the life cycle nationally important aerospace programs:
  • The Closeout of the Space Shuttle program
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Management Root Cause accident investigation
  • Polar Network Communications Commercialization program
  • ACTS Ka-band Communications Satellite program
  • Space Shuttle Program
  • Apollo Program
  • Gemini program
  • DC-10 program
  • Boeing 707-80
  • The Boeing Bomarc Missile program
All of these programs involved technical and analytical work. All required a continual building of technical, analytical, technology management and program management skills.

The other contribution that most influenced his direction for JMSA is the four years he served as an adjunct professor at Mary Washington University in both the Physics and Business departments. Teaching young students in their twenties, at fifty years of age, teaches the teacher the value of a disciplined education. It's a discipline that was helpful for most students. Perhaps the teacher gains the most benefit by reacquainting himself with the fundamentals of his technical and management background.

His life's work includes Mathematical Modeling and Digital Simulation analysis for Engineers, Scientists.
  • Analysis including program assessments for Government programs and Business Profit assessments for private firms.
  • Joint venture brokering and business development including. Developing collaborators for firms doing business with NASA so as to improve contractor support to NASA.

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